Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finger Painting

As I vaguely try to recollect the episode of Adam & Eve where in Eve irresistably succumbs to the temptation of the forbidden fruit, these few words uttered by her in agony ring a bell in my mind, "Whats the point in even having a magic wand when your forbidden to wish something?? It's as good as not having it!". Should I call it a curse or a spell for having been blinded by ignorance all this while about the charm of my lovely little fingers which possessed such phenomenal instincts and could graciously work out such artistic wonders? Never did these fingers of mine bear so much pride when they wore a diamond ring or when they could touch and feel all the tenderness and warmth of life or when they held the highest grades of awards and certificates of merit as much as they did when their magic movements took guise of lively forms of birds, flowers, wildlife, portraits, scenery, etc. As simple as it could ever be, all I had to do was to patiently smudge the various shades of artist oil colours by the alternate clockwise and anticlockwise movements of my finger tips to bring into effect the wrinkles in a bird's mane, colourful petals of a flower or barks of trees, a trickling brooke and so on. But for all you know, I'm excited about the fact of having discovered a new reason to love and adore my fingers in the 21st year of my life!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jewellery I Made

As fashion dictates ones's style quotient, I'm sure women of today aren't ready to settle down for anything ordinary and strictly no compromise can be made when it comes to their outfit or jewellery. Perfect choice of jewellery complementing your clothes spells elegance that gets all 'eyes' on you and makes you steal the show. The jewellery that I have designed range from antique kundan stones which one would prefer to wear with the traditional pattu saree; plain white pearls or the trademark combination of red and white pearls becoming the choice for occassions such as marriage or formal getogethers as well as for casual parties too; and also funky jewellery constituiting a crazy mix & match of beads of different colours, designs and sizes for those youngsters who are cautious to look cool and trendy! So theres something for everyone to feel happy about.Cheers ;)