Saturday, August 21, 2010

Radium Painting

Radiance, as you would find in any certified Physics Text book, refers to the total amount of light emitted or reflected by a surface, formulated by Phis' and Thetas, derived from "nowhere" and "everywhere", consuming tons and tons of white sheets trying to complicate our lives in every possible way! Though I was always a member of the "Anti-Physics" committee in school, the fact that fascinated me about this radiance was its properties of luminance and brightness which imparted a glowing characteristic to objects. Now now!, before you could brand me "Techy" or curse me for forcefully reminding you of those testing times when Radiance only made you a "tubelight" in front of your classmates, I shall quickly get back to the subject.(Of course, not Physics!)
Art is a game of colours and shades and Radiance is the name of the game instilling life to these colours. Radium painting involves simple techniques of blending white distember and different colours in 1:1 ratio, constituiting the baseline with several layers of repeated coatings on black velvette cloth to produce the desired glow to all forms. The distinguishing feature of this art is the realistic look it confers, leaving the admirers perplexed in differentiating between a painting and a photograph. All said and done, radiance helped me transfom the darkness of my ignorance into the bliss of creativity!