Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meenakari Work - Vasthu Mirror

Born in a land conducive to superstitions, perhaps it is a strong belief that every gem or birth stone ( as we call) has its own significance in bringing joy and prosperity to one's life. "Diamonds" depict royalty and elegance while "Platinum" spells auspiciousness and purity. "Ruby" confers wisdom and courage whereas "Saffire" symbolises victory and power. Knowledge and peace being attributed to "Jade" and love and wellness to "Emerald".
A remarkable confluence of all these virtues possessed by "Kundan stones" exulted in its glory, thereby finding extensive applications in jewellery, paintings, sarees, mirrors, flower vases, wallets , bags and what not, being a trademark of positive energy!! Meenakari or the art of enamelling surfaces with glittering colourful stones was extoled as the choicest genre of arts by imperial artisans, thanks to the incandescent and comprehensive attributes borne by the traditional Kundan stones!!


  1. Wonderful and splendid.When did you dothis mam. Looking great

  2. Thanks Rakesh...Did it a yr ago...It was really interestin to do it also, a lotta patience demandin tho!...;)

  3. Looks awesome.Do you sell your works?Can you teach them akka??plzz

  4. @Rakesh:Yup! I do sell fact this one also i sold..btw wat do u do Rakesh? I wud love to teach ppl but the thing is I don find time fa it as m workin...:(

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    Keep up the great work!
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